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General Information for students: Humanities Presentation for students  

2023 Faculty of Humanities Handbook:  Humanities Handbook

2023 Humanities Subjects (including Legal Theory)  2023 Humanities Subjects (including Legal Theory)




Art History and Visual Culture 102:  Art History & Visual Culture 102 engages with the colonial realities of Western Art History and the politics of representation while developing critical skills in the visual analysis of arts and visual culture.

Classics 102: This course examines the daily life and great events of the Classical period at Athens, Alexander the Great and his campaigns, the war with Hannibal and the Rise and Fall of Rome as a world power, daily life and art at Pompeii, Gladiators and Spectacles of Death in the Early Empire and the rise of Christianity and Islam.

History 102: Africa and the making of the Modern World 2: From Colonisation to Independence

Iintetho Zobomi 102: focuses more specifically on social, phenomenological, and epistemological questions by exploring the constitutive role that others, and the Other, play in constituting our personhood, identity and subjectivity, as well as how structural forces present obstacles to effective ethical agency. Lectures, tutorials and service learning make up this semester course.

Music, Culture & History: Music Health & the Brain:  Music, Health and the Brain is an interdisciplinary study of some elements of human engagement with music, focusing on musical cognition, emotion, identity and music’s therapeutic potential.

Music, Culture & History: Musicology 102:  An introduction to the historical study of Western music

Philosophy 102: The course introduces students to philosophical ideas, issues and methods not dealt with in PHI 101, with the focus typically being on issues in Ethics.

Politics 102 (if DPR for Pol 101 cannot do Pol 102 in same year): Introduces students to the basic components of Politics

Psychology 102: This is the second semester course, in which the following three modules are usually taught: Personality Psychology; Social Psychology; and Organizational Psychology.


Economics 102: Macroeconomics:  National income accounts; index numbers; determination of national output, income and employment; money and banking; quantity theory of money; money, prices and output; unemployment; inflation; introduction to international economics.

Stats 1C2 (must have grade 12 straight maths on level 4 or above):  Collection and tabulation of statistical data; graphs and diagrams; frequency distributions; measures of central tendency and dispersion; shapes and parameters of classical distributions (normal, binomial, Poisson); simple classical probability theory; conditional probability; analysis of time series; index numbers; correlation and simple linear regression; sampling distributions; point and interval estimation; hypothesis testing.


CSC 112: Business Problem Solving with Computers (entrance requirement for students who want to major in Information Systems):  CSC 112 is the first course for students who intend to continue to INF 201, and is offered in the second semester. The course introduces students to a modern computing environment, and teaches skills that enable the application of computers to typical business problems. These skills include internet based skills for web page creation and knowledge discovery, as well as problem solving and knowledge retrieval skills using tools such as spreadsheets and databases.

Geography 102 (if no Earth Science 101 must have Grade 12 Geography on level 4 or above):  Exploring Global Human Geographies. This course examines key concepts and understanding within Human Geography that serve as an introduction to the sub-discipline. Space and place are considered fundamental to an understanding of human societies and structures. Key themes include: modes of production and consumption; demography and migration; inequalities and development; globalisation; and exploration of urban and rural spaces within historical, political, economic, social and spatial contexts.


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