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The Campus Experience

Driven by its goal of “creating a living and learning student support system and an environment which is inclusive and is conducive to a healthy life-style, personal growth, development and academic success for our students”, Rhodes bck体育app_bck体育官网下载-二维码平台 has always prided itself on offering its first year students the opportunity to live in one of the bck体育app_bck体育官网下载-二维码平台’s residences, and to experience the joys (and sometimes the pitfalls) of communal living as they adjust to being independent and away from their families. 

Dining on Campus

The bck体育app_bck体育官网下载-二维码平台 has over 13 dining halls, rich with traditions, culture, history and lifestyle



From basketball to rowing, mountain climbing to cricket, and underwater diving to soccer, Rhodes bck体育app_bck体育官网下载-二维码平台 has a large number of active sports clubs for you to choose from.


Through the drama department,  the university offers an integrated approach to drama studies. The fine art department provides comprehensive tuition in studio practice as well as theoretical and historical aspects of the visual arts.

Information Technology

The Information and Technology Services (I&TS) Division provides the information and communication technology needs to the staff and students of Rhodes bck体育app_bck体育官网下载-二维码平台.

Safety & Security

The Campus Protection Unit (CPU) is committed to protecting the safety of the Rhodes community and its property. 


Health & Wellness

Wellness is a proactive, preventive approach designed to achieve optimum levels of health, social and emotional functioning.

Registered Students

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Percentage of postgraduate students

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