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Wellness Monitor: Weekly Wellness

Physical Wellness

•             Fit and healthy bodies can come in many sizes

•             The best way to keep your heart alive is to use it

•             The best way to make exercise a lifelong habit is to select an activity that you enjoy

•             Good nutrition does make a difference. Energize yourself by drinking lots of water

•             It takes more than meals to feed your body

Intellectual Wellness

•             Learn a new word and share what you learn with others

•             Beat stress by exercising your brain

•             Visit the library or an old museum

•             Relax with a crossword puzzle or play a board game with your family

•             Expand your horizons and be creative

•             Be a careful decision maker

Emotional Wellness

•             Fear not the future

•             Find two positives for every negative

•             Keep an attitude of gratitude

•             A smile is an extremely powerful tool.  Laugh at the little things

•             Develop your inner resources and reward every effort

Environmental Wellness

•             Improve the environment and recycle

•             Set goals and results will materialize

•             Everyday look for some pleasure in the workplace and savor those moments

•             Save time by asking, Why?

•             Establish a concern for others and a respect of the environment

Social Wellness

•             Believe in yourself

•             Learn from the past, plan for the future, and live in the present

•             Give some tender loving care to somebody in need

•             Participate in a walk for a good cause

•             The possibilities for community service are endless

Spiritual Wellness

•             Nurture your spiritual side

•             Count your blessings, both big and small

•             Access the wisdom within you

•             Enhance your connection between your mind and body

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